Tennessee Dental
Association Foundation

                                                                      founded 1995


The Tennessee Dental Association Foundation (TDAF) was created to support dental research and education. Funding for TDAF comes from charitable donations and estate bequests from dentists and friends of dentistry. As a 501(c)(3) organization, contributions are tax-deductible.




Through the generosity of the individuals and organizations listed below, a total of $22,745.00 was raised for the Foundation during its fund drive. Through the Noel Fund for Student Research the TDAF continues to be a supporter of dental student research.

With your support, the TDAF can grow for the future of dentistry!

$1,000 - up  

Dr. Ernest DeWald
Dr. Kenneth Schenck


$500 - $ 999 

Dr. Elbert Baker, Jr.
Dr. George H. Clayton
Dr. Nina Foley
Dr. Donald Harrell
Dr. Gerald Karr 
Dr. David Malin
Dr. James McDaniel
Middle TN Oral & Implant Surgery
Dr. William D. Powell
Dr. Stephen Sawrie 


$200 - $499 
Dr. Charles W. Anders
Dr. Phillip K. Arnold
Dr. K. Jean Beauchamp
Dr. Joshua A. Campbell
Dr. Richard W. Dycus
Dr. Robert S. Elam
Dr. Walter D. Fain
Dr. Marie B. Farrar
Dr. Paul L. Gilliam
Dr. Mitchel S. Godat
Dr. Sandra G. Harris
Dr. Phillip W. Head
Dr. Timothy L. Hottel
Dr. Chad E. Johnson
Dr. Thomas R. Jones
Dr. James F. Kimball
Dr. Elizabeth H. Lee
Dr. Mark S. Mappes
Dr. Joel C. Piercy
Dr. Martin E. Poarch
Dr. Michael J. Revenig
Dr. James M. Rollins
Dr. Benjamin D. Scott
Dr. William F. Slagle
Dr. Hugh D. Vice
Dr. Joe Tom Walker
Dr. Edward H. Weakley
Dr. Melvin Wright


$100 - $199
Alliance of the Second District
Dr. Stephen C. Alsobrook
Dr. Ronald O. Beene
Dr. Jeffrey C. Bell
Dr. Tom S. Bigham III
Dr. Thomas E. Blockley
Dr. Danny A Chacko
Dr. Robert C. Childress
Dr. Robert L. Childress
Dr. Robert J. Clark
Dr. Christopher P. Fogarty
Dr. K. Michael Garrett
Dr. Frank A. Green
Dr. Fred V. Guthrie, Sr.
Dr. James R. Hight, Jr.
Dr. Jill P. Hodges
Dr. Mary Linda Johns
Dr. Stephen C. Johns
Dr. Joseph L. Kimmons
Dr. Victor J. Kleinaitis
Dr. K. Michael Lamb
Dr. J. Michael Law

Dr. Harvey E. Matheny
Dr. Jon A. Mather
Dr. Joy H. McKee
Mr. Tom Murphy
Dr. John E. Petty
Dr. Gibbs M. Prevost, Jr.
Dr. Randall P. Prince
Dr. Thomas D. Pryse
Second District Dental Society
Dr. O’Farrell Shoemaker
Dr. Z. Conley Shope
Dr. H. Clifton Simmons III
Dr. Wesley W. Singer
Dr. Charles L. Smith
Dr. Leon E. Stanislav
Dr. Buffy Storm
Dr. Carson E. Taylor, Jr.
Dr. Samuel M. Wiles
Dr. Glenn D. Wilson
Dr. O. Lee Wilson

Less than $100

Dr. W. Bailey Allen
Dr. Christopher D. Anderson
Dr. William F. Andrews
Dr. Lawrence A. Averbuch
Dr. Karen Baker-Curtis
Dr. David R. Barnes
Dr. Edward L. Beavers
Dr. James E. Bishop
Dr. James F. Bishop
Dr. Melanie W. Bishop
Dr. George H. Bouldien
Dr. Lanora E. Bryant
Dr. Patrick B. Charles
Dr. Sarah L. Clayton
Dr. Martin E. Donaldson
Dr. Ted W. Gaw
Dr. Kim R. Glick
Dr. M. Derek Goodman
Dr. C. Anthony Hodges
Dr. Jeff H. Hunter
Dr. Dale O. Hunter, Jr.
Dr. William S. Lenihan III
Dr. Ronald A. Lewis
Dr. J. Howard McClain
Dr. J. Michael McCoy
Dr. Duncan C. McInnis III

Dr. David L. Parker
Past President Club of TN
Dr. Artie E. Peacher
Dr. John E. Pierce, Jr.
Dr. Bob L. Ramsey
Dr. Brian F. Riel
Dr. Charles L. Rogers
Dr. James G. Sousoulas
Dr. Jon C. Stanford
Dr. Robert D. Thomas
Dr. William Roy Thompson
Dr. Norman S. Towbin
Dr. James E. Turner
Dr. James L. Vaden
Dr. J. Anthony Vaughn
Dr. Reggie M. Waddell
Dr. L. C. Whitefield
Dr. Wayne R. Witt
Dr. Andy Woodard
Dr. Larry A. Woods
Dr. Stanley P. Young

Members of the L.G.Noel Fellowship whose cumulative
contributions since December 1994 have totaled:
$5,000 and Above (or have pledged to this level)

Dr. Ernest J. DeWald
Dr. K. Michael Garrett
Dr. Gerald Karr
Mr. Con Knox Jr.
Dr. William Powell
Dr. Stephen Sawrie
Dr. Joe Tom Walker
TDA Board of Trustees
Chattanooga Area Dental Society
Sixth District Dental Society
Seventh District Dental Society
Eighth District Dental Society
TDA Music City Dental Conference Exhibitor Sponsors
@ $250 Each
BlueCross BlueShield of TN
Nashville Dental Inc.
PMC Insurance Solutions
The TDA Insurance Agency
3M ESPE Dental Products



Please support the TDAF today by contributing to the future of dentistry.
Print out a contribution form and make a donation today.
CLICK HERE For The Contribution Form.



Stephen M. Sawrie, D.D.S.
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Vice President
William D. Powell, D.D.S.
Knoxville, Tennessee

Frank T. Meen, Jr.
Jackson, Tennessee

Stephen Alsobrook, D.D.S.
Cordova, Tennessee

Board Liaison
Irvin Rainey, Jr., D.D.S.
Jackson, Tennessee

K. Michael Lamb, D.D.S.
Kingsport, Tennessee

John Petty, D.M.D.
Tullahoma, Tennessee

Stacey A. Garner, D.D.S.
Pulaski, Tennessee

Ernest DeWald, D.D.S.
Clarksville, Tennessee


Brian D. West, D.M.D.
Nashville, Tennessee

George C. Knox, CLU
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Tom Murphy
Mt. Juliet, Tennessee





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