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Alliance of the
Tennessee Dental Association

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Alliance of the TDA

2017 Annual Session Program

May 18 - 20, 2017 - Gatlinburg, TN 

Bloom Where You're Planted   

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AADA 2016 Convention - Denver, Colorado

Members of the Alliance to the TDA are members of the Alliance to the ADA. Go to the web site: and read the mission and vision statement of the Alliance of the ADA under the title: "The Dental Community Belongs Here." All members are welcome to attend the AADA 2016 Convention and may sign up on line for programs offered in Denver, Colorado, in October of 2016


Alliance of the TDA
Convention Report 2016

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The Alliance to the TDA Officers attend the Alliance to the ADA Conference

held in Cleveland, Ohio, April 14-26,2016.

Pictured left to right are: Lisa Wilson, President to the ATDA, Lynn Young, Past-President of the ATDA, Ashley White Council member of the ATDA and recipient of the Beulah Spencer Award, and Laurie Osborn, Past-President of the ATDA and AADA.

Ashley White received the coveted Beulah Spencer Award for her work as an outstanding Alliance member and leader, for being a role model and a catalyst for positive change, a team building, and for dedication to her association.

From left to right: Mrs. Barbara Greenblatt, Knoxville, AADA Thelma J. Neff award recipient; Mrs. Laurie Osborn, AADA President; and Mrs. Nancy Binkley, AADA Thelma J. Neff award recipent during the AADA meeting, November 2015 in Washington, DC.


Tennessee Alliance makes a presence at the ADA Annual Session (November 5-10, 2015). Front row from left to right: Mr. Steve Kess, Henry Schein Dental; Alliance of the American Dental Association (AADA) Thelma J Neff award recipient Mrs. Nancy Binkley, Memphis; AADA President Mrs. Laurie Osborn, Knoxville; Alliance to the TDA (ATDA) delegate Mrs. Linda Powell, Knoxville; AADA Thelma J Neff award recipient Mrs. Barbara Greenblatt, Knoxville; ATDA President Mrs. Lisa Wilson, Jackson. Second row from left to right: Dr. Les Binkley; Dr. Leeby Greenblatt; Diane Carter (daughter of Dr. Leeby & Barbara Greenblatt); ATDA delegate Mrs. Lynn Young, Dyersburg; and Laura Wilkins, (daughter of Dr. Leeby & Barbara Greenblatt).

First District Dental Alliance Supports
Dental Health at the Healing Hands
Health Center August 20, 2015
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Alliance of the TDA
May 8, 2015 Report
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Alliance of the TDA
2015 Final Program
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